LX Fitness & Martial Arts was established based on a deep passion for fitness and martial arts that the proprietor, Kathe Downs, acquired through her own lifestyle transition and solid martial arts training. LX stands for LiveXtreme, which does not necessarily mean sky diving or climbing one of the tallest peaks; it means do not grow old prematurely and thou shalt not let poor physical condition prevent you from doing things you want to do, whatever it is...maybe it is climbing one of the tallest peaks!

Featuring Kathe’s credentials as a NASM certified trainer and first degree black belt in Karate, LX Fitness & Martial Arts offers several unique, fun and effective fitness classes designed to be high impact with low time commitment and also provides specific martial arts training. LX offers an energetic atmosphere in a location convenient to those slightly removed from metropolitan areas. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, have more energy, improved self-image, an entire family lifestyle transition, or specific training and advancement in martial arts, LX can help get you there.

"I trained with some of the best martial artists in the world when I lived in Texas. My martial arts lineage is one that I am proud of. My personal instructor is the current and several times world champion in the ISKA U.S. Open that is held every year in Florida. If you have watched any of this competition on ESPN you have likely watched him compete and win in the breaking division. He is a champion and trains champions. I am very blessed to have been trained by the best! This style of karate is very traditional. This is not a martial art in which we give away belts. They have to be earned through time and commitment. I personally believe this to be the best and most beneficial way to train a true martial artist. I truly believe you don’t do any person a favor by handing out belts that they are not prepared for."

"The dojo I was trained at specialized in breaking. Breaking is where you use forms and technique of karate to break things, such as boards, bricks, bats, ice - you name it. Breaking is fun and empowering. I also find it to be a great stress release!  When trained and done with proper technique breaking things does not hurt you. I plan on bringing breaking into LX. I also plan on bringing my instructor, who is the World Champion in breaking and who also holds several world records, to LX for special seminars and presentations."